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Lead Backend Engineer - Remote

We are looking for a seasoned backend engineer with experience in the gaming industry to help us shape the future of the AR/VR ecosystem for games.

As a lead member of the team you would be responsible for collaborating with the rest of the engineering team to support the web admin as well as the native clients for content streaming. You will be in charge of designing and developing features at scale and taking them from blueprint to live. We are looking for someone with experience in CI/CD and automated testing to help set up a comprehensive release and data migration pipelines.

What you’ll be doing
• Technical leadership with a cross functional team to design, develop and deploy backend features supporting the web admin and native clients for AR/VR.
• Design and set up a release and content migration pipeline with and emphasis on CI/CD.
• Create a strategy for increasing and maintaining test coverage in the existing codebase.
• Train and mentor other backend team members.

What we’re looking for
• Demonstrable experience building games at scale with a clear understanding of performance and good architectural design.
• Strong skills building RESTful APIs using Java Spring Boot.
• Experience setting up infrastructure using AWS.
• Experience writing automated tests and setting up automated code deployment pipelines using Jenkins or similar technologies.
• Familiarity with Unity server based applications and web app technologies using Vue.js or similar as well as building RESTful APIs.
• Strong communication and management skills.

You might also have
• Experience setting up infrastructure to support world wide usage.
• Experience working with multiplayer frameworks in Unity like Photon.
• Published and supported server based games throughout the lifecycle.

Intermediate Unity Developer - Remote

We are looking for an intermediate unity developer who is interested in helping us shape the future of the AR/VR ecosystem for games.

As a member of the team you would be in charge of helping design, test and implement robust features in both the mobile and VR clients for the YumeGO platform, a playground for dynamic AR/VR content with a focus on creative gaming and fun experience design partnerships with museums and brands all around the world. You would also be responsible for developing high end content for those partnerships using our proprietary stack for dynamic content.

What you’ll be doing
• Implement and test features on the VR and mobile AR clients.
• Work with backend team to implement new features.
• Develop content for design partnerships and internal gaming IP collaborating with the design team, you’ll be using our proprietary scripting SDK.
• Work with QA team to ensure defects are addressed timely on the live version of the app as well as increasing the automated test coverage of the existing codebase.

What we’re looking for
• 2-3 years of experience working with the Unity Engine.
• Demonstrable experience developing well architected solutions using C#.
• Self motivated, good communication skills online.

You might also have
• Computer Science background.
• Experience developing server based applications on UnityExperience developing AR/VR applications on Unity.
• Experience using visual scripting solutions on Unity like Bolt or Playmaker.
• Experience using automated testing frameworks like NUnit.
• Interest on interaction design and basic understanding of UX methodologies.

UX / Interaction Designer - Remote

We are looking for a passionate UX/Interaction designer that is excited to help us shape the future of AR/VR spaces. We are currently working with some of the best museums and brands worldwide to develop engaging AR/VR content to satisfy their needs as well as working on our own internal IP using creative play on STEAM centric experiences. We’re also working with some of the companies developing next generation hardware in the XR space to prototype interactions and help lead engineering challenges

As part of a team of seasoned developers and designers in the gaming space you’d be spearheading the development of our internal design language which is used on the YumeGO platform; a one stop shop for cross platform dynamic AR/VR experiences.

What you’ll be doing
• Craft human-centric experiences leveraging cutting edge AR/VR technologies.
• Map customer and user journeys and conduct research to inform design led decisions.
• Communicate with development team to ensure high usability and quality standards of AR/VR experiences.
• Communicate with clients and help shape interaction design briefs for outward facing experiences.
• Organize and collate data from user tests to help shape development priorities.

What we’re looking for
• A portfolio showing expertise in user experience.
• Experience designing games or interactive experiences with a clear understanding of interactive design principles.
• Have collaborated with Engineers, Artists, UI Designers, Project Managers, and QA.
• Experience using the Unity engine to produce interactive applications.

You might also have
• Demonstrable experience on game design.
• Good understanding of server based applications.
• Experience designing for AR/VR.
• Basic scripting knowledge on Unity using C# or experience using visual scripting tools like Playmaker or Bolt.

Junior QA Engineer - Remote

We are looking for someone who is passionate about delivering the best experiences to our end users with a focus on usability and robustness to join the global Yumebau team as a Junior QA Engineer.

This role requires collaborating closely with other team members on both frontend and backend teams to make sure the features developed have the highest quality and are as resilient as expected. The main focus right now would be assisting the release cycle identifying defects and usability edge cases, we’re currently working on automating the deployment pipeline and writing automated tests will be a part of this effort.

You need to be passionate about helping shape the pipeline that supports a well used AR/VR platform, work and learn with a talented team distributed across the world. Being interested in the future of AR/VR technologies working with cutting edge devices and frameworks on both frontend and backend.

What you’ll be doing
• Work closely with both frontend and backend teams to provide early feedback and test new features.
• Define and implement testing strategies for all aspects of the platform both on AR and VR.
• Help setup continuous integration pipeline into the broader development cycle in a pragmatic way.
• Maintain and improve test coverage.
• Coordinate testing efforts across various devices to ensure coverage and quality on all platforms.
• Review content and make sure it meets usability guidelines for augmented and virtual reality.

What we’re looking for
• A background in Computing Science or similar.
• Proficiency using the Unity Engine with C#.
• Strong communication skills and the ability to issue detailed reports..

You might also have
• Experience using automated testing frameworks like NUnit.
• Published games or experiences to the mobile app stores or Oculus Store.
• Experience with augmented or virtual reality.
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