Wilson J. Tang

CEO, Chief Designer

Wilson was one of the founding members of Kabam Vancouver (formerly Exploding Barrel Games) where his games has been downloaded more than 200m+ times, earning Editor's Choice in 100+ countries and revenues of usd$300 million+. Duties included Art Direction, Creative Development, Branding, Marketing, UX and Talent Development.

Prior to Kabam Wilson was the Senior Art Director/Creative Director at Electronic Arts/Blackbox where he oversaw the art direction and marketing of Need for Speed as well as the creative development of original IP's.

Wilson worked at George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) for 7 years as Visual Effects Art Director. Projects at ILM include Spielberg's "A.I.:Artificial Intelligence", Ang Lee's "The Hulk".

During preproduction of "A.I" in 2001, Wilson pioneered the use of real-time game engines for use in previsualization of virtual environments. The technique was used by Steven Spielberg and Wilson was granted a USA patent for the process. 

Wilson is a designer at heart, fluent in the language of games, technology, products, UX, cinema, polygons and code. Even though he is passionate about human-centric technology, he is still pretty handy with pencil and paper, where everything begins. 

He has lectured on UX Design at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, and has been on the board of advisers for the Intercross Creative Center (icc-jp.com) in Japan since 2001. 

Specialties includes AR, VR, 3D UX & UI Design, Art Direction, Mobile App Design, Cinematic Direction, Original IP development, 3D World Building, Production Design, Graphic Design, Creative Leadership, New Media Strategy.