Enriched Reality

We are making AR experiences that add value to human reality 

Mobile AR platform and apps for museums, schools & brands


reality does not need to be augmented 

It is people that need to be empowered

We craft experiences that bring people together instead of isolating them; interactivity that encourages active play outdoors or indoors rather than sitting on a couch.

We will augment students so that they can learn while being active and having fun.

We will augment teachers and educators, so they can add meaning and context to everything that students experience. 

We will augment museums and galleries to bring the tangible reality of science, art, design and history to people wherever they are.

We are committed to making experiences that can reach as wide an audience as possible, optimized for today's AR capable smartphones as well as mobile mixed reality devices in the near future.


The best kind of PLAY is emergent

Something that people discover for themselves rather than something prescribed for them by others. Everything we make is designed to encourage exploration -to run around and play as teams...to play as children were meant to.


augmentation of


Students learn faster and retain knowledge longer if they can learn while being active instead of passively seated at desks.

We are partnering with educators and institutions all around the globe, to combine their expertise in pedagogy with our experience in game design and cutting edge 3D graphics.

Our goal is to create fun and interactive AR edutainment content that can supplement school curriculum, so students of all ages can learn while playing.


Hyper-Real AR

High fidelity augmented reality reproductions allows anyone to interact with priceless historic and artistic treasures virtually on their smartphones, preserving the real artifacts for future generations.


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Museums and Galleries are some of the most beautiful artifacts made by humankind - they are places of culture & community, experience & education, realized through a combination of art, architecture and engineering.

We aim to partner with forward thinking museums and institutions everywhere to create location-specific AR that enhances people’s visits, as well as geo-located AR that will bring these cultural experiences to as many people as possible wherever they live and play.

Our goal is to change the way people learn & play in AR - and ultimately to reconnect them back to the real tangible world of human culture.


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In our post-Amazon e-commerce era when everything is just one-click away, brands must invest in developing engaging in-store experiences in order to connect people to their brand values in a visceral way. We  have decades of experience designing virtual environments for video games and films, as well as real world architecture. Our design process is modeled after professional design practices, partnering with clients in a process of creative discovery and refinement, crafting virtual experiences that are unique and engaging at a fraction of the cost of physical in-store experiences.









 Towards a better reality