CRAFTED with polygons & code.





Games, musicians & brands now
co-exist in real-time.
We are a design studio for
the Immersive Age.


Why limit yourself to the real world? We work with some of the best concept designers in the world to create captivating characters and unforgettable realities.


We can collaborate with your team or just take an idea and run with it. Our small “strike teams" are composed of 3D artists, designers and software developers.

AR Platform

We have our own AR app and platform for immersive AR experiences. Prototypes download automatically from the cloud making iterations fast & economical.

KUNIVERSE (Codename)

Step through the portal into another dimension of action, creativity and fun!
We’ve been obsessed by the imaginative and gameplay possibilities of AR  and have been prototyping our first original AR/VR game for our YumeGO platform.

ÄZTP : A Metahuman Musical

A short film about loss, memory and the need for
escape created completely using Unreal 4.26 and

Formula 1 Experience

An AR experience we developed to showcase the possibilities of our YumeGO platform. The demo featured ultra realistic materials, animated effects, and informational hotspots with detailed description of various features.

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