We are a SKUNK WORKS for ideation, prototyping and look development. We believe in “build first, break fast” approach to development. Some of the world’s biggest companies have come to us (and stayed with us) because they know how hard it is to find a kick-ass band of designers, developers and artists who truly understands what it takes to keep pace with the revolutionary times we are in now.

meta Spatial Team

How will we interact with virtual experiences when it is all around us? What kinds of experiences can we imagine that will fully take advantage of the reality - and complexity - of our physical environments? These are some of the design problems we were challenged with when we first started working with Meta in 2021. The transition from screen + mouse + keyboard as the primary mode of interacting with digital experiences over the last 50 years, to a spatial one will take time. We are proud of our work with Meta’s teams and excited for the immersive future they are building !

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Fortnite Next Gen

What can Fortnite look like on UE5 and still feel like the “Fortnite” loved by millions of  players? That was the challenge posed to us by Epic’s Fortnite team prior to the release of UE5. What followed was an intense period of conceptual and technical art development, trying to master new features such as Nanite and Lumen, while staying true to the visual style that FN was known for. After helping rebuild FN from the ground up, leading to the historic launch of Chapter 4 on UE5, our embedded team continues to work with Epic season after season.

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